Gift list

Enter the code of the gift list you are looking for up here.

You can create your own gift list. To do so, you have to log in.

If you are an existing customer, just fill out your e-mail address and your password and you can create your gift list.

If you are a new customer, you can register immediately, just go to the right corner above 'my account'.

Click the button 'continue' in the right hand column.

In the next screen you fill out your personal details.

If you are done, click on the button 'register' at the bottom of the page.

Go back to 'My account' and select 'My gift lists'.

You will be guided through the process with clear indications and examples for each field you need to fill out.

You can choose the title of your list, the code, the description and if wanted an expiry date.

After all products are added to your gift list, just go to 'my account' and select your gift list.

You will see an overview of all your products. Now you can share your wishlist with friends and family.

Just fill out the e-mail addresses of friends and family, and they will receive the invitation with the link of your gift list.

You will receive the confirmation that your gift list has been sent.

Of course you can also share the code in a different way (by mail or orally). In that case your friends/family should click on 'gift list' in the menu at the top of the page and fill out the code in the empty field. 

Note that products in your gift list are without any obligation. You do not have to buy the artworks which nobody bought.

You can, any time you want, add or remove artwork on your gift list. Given the fact that a gift list is without any obligation, it might happen that items mentioned on your gift list are sold out before someone wants to buy them for you. 

We always recommend to mention several gift vouchers on your gift list.